Welcome to United Hoist, where our field experienced team has provided construction projects with hoists, lifts, elevators & chutes for over 48 years. Proudly serving the USA, coast to coast!

At United Hoist, we provide the most comprehensive fleet of personnel/material hoists in the industry, so we are sure to have the right hoist for your project. United Hoist specializes in doing the projects that other hoisting companies cannot, including industrial applications, severe set-backs, platform and back structure applications.

We also provide both steel and poly trash chutes to serve all of your hi-rise needs. Our knowledgeable sales staff meets with you on-site to discuss the specifics of your project to find absolute best application to serve your needs. We will work with you in every way possible to accommodate your schedule on erection and service dates. Save time and money by having United Hoist install your hoists and trash chutes. As your hoist is delivered and erected, you will notice our field technicians are highly trained and experienced.

United Hoist - Construction Elevators & Hoists

When you ride our hoist up the building, you experience the smoothest ride possible because all of our hoists are equipped with the latest technology in variable frequency drives.

What you don’t notice is that our VFD drives eliminate over 80% of mechanical breakdowns to the working parts of the hoist. A worker calls the operator on your hoists intercom system and asks, Will you pick me up on the ground. I have a load of tile that’s going to the 15th floor. This intercom system allows superintendents to communicate with the hoist operator by radio from anywhere on-site, saving money and wasted labor time.

As you ride down the hoist, you notice that United Hoist technicians installed gates and safety wings around the gates, ensuring that your jobsite is the safest around.

Knowing that our nationwide hoisting and chute service department is on call for when the unexpected happens allows you to focus on getting your work done without worry.