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Providing hoisting solutions for more than 50 years with over 1,000 construction projects completed.
Flexible services that best suit your construction needs.

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Buck Hoist Rentals

Stay ahead of your construction schedule by utilizing buck hoist rental services that secure safe and efficient vertical transportation of personnel and equipment from the ground to the top floor. Reduce manpower requirements through convenient buck hoist equipment that allows faster delivery of heavy loads. 

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Buck Hoist Sales

Purchase your very own hoisting machinery for long term heavy lifting operations. Turn to the latest buck hoist equipment that is cost-effective, easy to maintain, and can be reassembled, and refitted anytime, anywhere.

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Chute Rentals

Removing construction debris even from the highest floors has never been easier with poly and steel construction trash chutes. Save on your time and labor cost by increasing worksite efficiency through collective trash management eliminating the need for manual labor.   


Customizable Options

There is a buck hoist or chute equipment/services for you regardless of size and type of construction project.


Nationwide Rental Services

Our trusted equipment solutions are available nationwide even reaching as far as the Caribbean and parts of the Americas.


Eco-Friendly Construction

With a lower carbon footprint, we use equipment that is duty efficient and supports our company culture of eco-consciousness. 

No Project Too Big Or Too Complicated

UHEI is your one-stop-shop for specialized personnel and material buck hoisting equipment. We supply customized hoist and chute services that match your construction needs in terms of complexity, budget, physical constraints, and your desire to self-perform. 

With our team of experts and state-of-the-art project management software, we keep track of all projects in progress even with increasing volume.

UHEI guarantees to adhere to your project goals by:

  • Delegating hoist experts to work for you
  • Presenting customized solutions for your construction project
  • Scaling or modifying equipment to fit your project layout
  • Assigning readily available technicians to eliminate unnecessary delays in your project
  • Immediate dispatch of equipment, machinery, and personnel 
  • Quick and real-time customer service 

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50 Years of Service

We’ve been providing hoisting solutions for more than 50 years with over 1,000 construction projects completed. 

Client Testimonials

"Very pleased with their reliability.
Time is money….and they understand that."

A. Rodriguez

"You’ve got my next job.

Thank you for being part of this successful project."

H. Jackson

"Appreciate your experience.  Their ability to engineer through our set back was even more appreciated."

Tim L.

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Here at United Hoist, we provide construction hoist rental services that can meet the needs of various every construction job site. Our equipment are in compliance with the ANSI and OSHA requirements, thus, making sure that we offer the best solution for low rise, medium, and high rise construction projects.

Our team can help you prevent problems, therefore minimizing downtime, and providing class safety performance. Call us today for more information!


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