Battle Contractors: Securing Great Hoist Equipment and Manpower

Sep 14, 2021Construction Equipment Safety, Construction Industry, Construction News

The construction industry may be one of the essential businesses that keep the economy going, but it has been having issues securing reliable hoist equipment while also handling major manpower problems for more than a decade. This problem turned into a full-blown crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic


Although most facilities and businesses have resumed their operations, only 80% of the 1 million construction workers who lost their jobs at the start of lockdowns are going back to work. This predicament leaves many construction companies fighting for a limited number of skilled workers. 


The Battle for Reliable Hoist Equipment and Skilled Workers

To be quite honest, hoist equipment is not the only heavy machinery that construction companies have to worry about. Due to limited supplies of materials like steel– manufacturers can only release a limited number of equipment like hoists, lifts, cranes, etc.


The sustainable solution for this shortage is to rely on a trustworthy hoist rental or construction hoist equipment rental service provider. This way, you get to have the equipment for your construction project without worrying about the condition of the machinery and the safety of your workers.


The fight for skilled workers is much more complicated to deal with due to several reasons. 


Ways Contractors Secure Talented Workers Along With Hoist Equipment

Talented Workers Along With Hoist Equipment

The battle for skilled workers started long before COVID-19. Here are some of the methods contractors use to attract and retain skilled workers:


Offering higher wages.


Offering higher salaries may sound like the easiest way to win some talented workers over your company– in theory, it is true. However, the issue is that with all the competition in the industry, the offer becomes more expensive every day.


According to a Willis Towers Watson survey, there will be an increase in wage for production and manual labor workers from 2.5% this year to 2.8% in 2022.


If your company can afford the rising wage for skilled workers, then this is a good way to go. If not, the next option may be your best bet.


Offering career growth and other benefits.


Money is not everything. Although lots of it can definitely make life easier, some people have other priorities such as work-life balance, mental health, and more.


Nowadays, people (especially the younger generations) value the potential of career advancement and balanced life. Offering training programs and proposing reward systems will also allow skilled workers to feel that they are valued for their contribution.


Offering a collaborative approach to projects.


In relation to the previous method, offering a collaborative approach allows skilled workers to feel heard and appreciated. It will also make them feel like equals. 


Most young workers will not tolerate a workplace where the foreman’s words are absolute and their opinion is not even considered. Although there is still a need for leadership, companies will notice an increase in employee retention in a collaborative workplace.


If you are looking for new skilled workers, it would be helpful to note that the new generation of skilled workers is most likely to stay with purpose-led companies with a human-centric approach.


Offering job stability.


There are so many challenges in life nowadays and having a stable job will help ease some of the anxiety that most people are trying to handle daily. Construction work is known to be a contractual gig instead of a steady job.


If a company offers skilled workers a steady job, they would be compelled to accept the job offer.



Times are changing, and with change comes challenges. The construction industry has been facing some difficulties when it comes to getting new reliable hoist equipment and other units of heavy machinery due to a shortage of the materials manufacturers need to produce them. Construction companies can save money and have some peace of mind by working with a reliable construction equipment rental service provider instead of buying new machinery for their projects.


Although the equipment issue has a relatively easy fix, the labor shortage is a much more complicated problem to tackle. Companies need to get creative so that they can secure talented workers for their projects. Some of the methods contractors use include offering higher wages, better benefits, job stability, or a healthy workspace. Regardless of which method you use in the battle for manpower, keep in mind that a healthy working culture and environment will help you retain your skilled workers.

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