Modern Solutions to Enhancing Rental Heavy Equipment Safety

Jun 11, 2021Construction Equipment Safety, Construction Industry, Construction News

More construction companies are opting for rental heavy equipment instead of investing in new ones. You may think that buying your own heavy pieces of machinery makes sense– and it really does, but it is not cost-effective anymore.


Construction companies and professionals need to consider that different projects may need different sets of heavy equipment. Unfortunately, heavy machinery is not exactly cheap, and buying every single type out there can cost a company a fortune. And that does not even include maintaining each of this rental heavy equipment yet!


That said, renting heavy machinery is becoming a popular option for construction projects.


Responsibilities of Heavy Equipment Rental Providers

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Heavy equipment rental providers are responsible for ensuring that each one of their equipment for rent is properly maintained. On top of that, it is also their responsibility to ensure that every machinery in their inventory can meet their client’s safety needs on-site and off-site.


Construction is arguably one of the most dangerous industries out there. The construction site has many safety hazards that need to be avoided. Each member of the project needs to make an active effort to prevent deaths and injuries on-site.  


Aside from fatal falls, some of the most common causes of death and injury include being struck by a moving vehicle or heavy equipment, getting trapped between a machine and a structure, or getting struck by moving parts.


Modern Safety Systems for Rental Heavy Equipment

Technology has made a lot of things possible and fortunately– it is also giving way to a safer on-site experience for the people working on it. Here are some modern solutions or safety devices for rental heavy equipment that can help reduce injuries and deaths on a construction site:


Camera Monitor Systems

Vehicles naturally have blind spots. And if your relatively small vehicle has a blind spot– you should expect that a piece of large machinery will have some too. 


Although side mirrors or sometimes single-view cameras can help reduce blind spots, they do not completely eliminate the issue. These blind spots are a significant danger to anyone or anything in the equipment’s path.


The fact that the operator will take a bit of time to scan all the mirrors or monitors, assess, and then react to hazards makes it a threat to safety.


A 360° camera monitor system can help solve this problem. This type of technology uses and combines images from four cameras (preferably ultra-wide-angle) to provide a real-time view of the path then displays it on the operator’s monitor. 


Having a complete view of the surroundings eliminates blind spots and helps the operator safely maneuver the equipment around the site.


Warning Alarms

Backing up a piece of heavy equipment is another tough challenge that a modern solution can help overcome. The rear area of heavy machinery definitely has blindspots which can potentially lead to injuries or even death.


One of the ways to eliminate the dangers of rear blind spots is to integrate a warning alarm system for when the equipment is backing up. A warning alarm will provide an audible warning for anyone in a machine’s path when it is backing up.


Nowadays, traditional alarms are still in use but multi-frequency alarms with broadband technology are also available. It is easier to locate or identify the area from which this type of alarm is coming from which makes it easier for people to determine where the equipment is coming from.


 Obstacle Detection

Another common problem with using heavy equipment is that construction projects regularly operate in difficult conditions that obstruct an operator’s sight. Some obstruction includes fog, dust, and darkness.


Integrating a radar that allows the machinery to detect obstacles can help provide in-cab visual and audible warnings to alert construction equipment operators regarding any potential hazards.


Digital Recorders

Physical injuries and damages are not the only dangers in a construction site. Some people can take advantage of a work-related accident and use it for a false insurance claim. Digital recorders on each construction equipment can ensure that operators are not being falsely accused.


Construction companies may end up accepting liability and operators can be unfairly blamed if there is a lack of evidence to prove innocence.


Digital recorders or vehicle-mounted cameras can help capture footage that will provide an accurate account of events and important proof in the event of a dispute.



Taking advantage of rental heavy equipment for your construction project is a cost-effective way of ensuring that the right machinery is being used on a project without having to commit to a significant investment that comes with maintenance expenses.


Modern safety solutions do not only protect heavy equipment rental service providers, but also their clients and operators.

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