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Our construction equipment rental team is ready to talk with you about your specific Trash Chute rental requirements anywhere in the United States.

No matter how difficult your job is, United Hoist is equipped to provide a turnkey solution to keep your project on track.


What We Do
Icons Customizable Options

Customizable Options

There is a specific trash chute rental setup for you regardless of size and type of construction project.

Icons Nationwide

Nationwide Rental Services

Our trusted construction trash chute rental solutions are available nationwide even reaching as far as the Caribbean and parts of the Americas.

Icons Eco friendly

Eco-Friendly Construction

With a lower carbon footprint, we use equipment that is duty efficient and supports our company culture of eco-consciousness. 

Construction Chute Equipment

Free up hoist and crane from additional work by using a chute for the transfer and removal of construction trash and construction debris from any height. Construction debris chutes and trash chutes will help you keep the construction site clean and allow people to work fast.

UHEI utilizes OSHA compliant Steel and Poly Chutes, designed to effectively discard materials to a specified dumpster.

We specialize in “weird” projects. These include buildings that aren’t straight up, or need a build-out with scaffolding with an attached hoist and ramps that lead back to the building. The more difficult the job, the better suited we are to provide a solution! Back structure is another area where our solutions shine.

It is our promise to get trash chute rentals delivered and installed in a timely manner for your new project. Whether you need a trash chute or construction debris chute, we got you covered.

Construction Chute Rentals

Our knowledgeable staff and technician can assist you in selecting the right coat-effective, easy-to-assemble trash chutes or debris chutes for your new project whether it’s a Poly Chute, made from polypropylene material, or a Steel Chute.

Poly Chutes are used mostly for renovations where a window opening is used to eliminate construction debris and other items. Construction debris removal is a great solution for all types of construction wastes.

Steel Chutes are mostly used for new construction where a floor mount is utilized during trash and construction debris removal. It can be custom fabricated or have a multi connection design for specific projects.

If you’re seeking construction-grade debris or a trash chute, look no further. UHEI, in accordance with work safety during construction, makes sure that all of our construction chute equipment are well-maintained and working.

Chute Rentals

OSHA Compliant Construction Chutes

Chute Types:

  • Trash chutes
  • Debris chutes
  • Steel & Poly Trash Chutes


  • Frees hoist and crane to do more important work
  • Debris Chutes keeps the job site clean & safe
  • Trash chutes are Cost-effective
  • Easy Chute Assembly
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Work 24/7 no workers comp
Poly Chute Rentals

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've collected some of the most popular questions asked about industrial hoist rental and construction hoists, as well as construction debris chute and created a list of FAQs to better serve you. If your question is not listed, feel free to get in touch with one of our team members so we can help.

What size do construction hoists come in?
  1. 5x10
  2. 5x12 (Actually 5 x 13)
How do they attach to the building?

With a series of structural tie backs that are anchored to the structure. Our general contractor and expert personnel offer guaranteed installation services.

Who operates them?

UHEI will orientate GC appointed "competent" operators. We can also provide operators at an additional cost to operate the trash chute or debris chute.

Are the construction hoists insured?

General Contractors are required to supply property damage insurance for job-specific equipment. 

UHEI can supply needed insurance for equipment at an additional cost.

Are the operators insured?

Operators provided by UHEI are covered under our GL and WC policies.

Operators provided by the General Contractor should be covered under their GL and WC policies.

What happens if the hoist breaks?

UHEI will provide an invoice, or if the General contractor participates in an online program, like Procure or Textura, we will submit Pay Applications using those programs. UHEI accepts Checks and Wire Transfers for payment of their hoist rental and equipment services.

Is there a deposit?

Yes. UHEI requires a Non Refundable Deposit of $10K per hoist car, and 50% of the optional items.

Is there any retainage?

UHEI does not allow retainage to be held from their payments.

Is there a minimal construction hoist rental?

The minimal construction hoist rental is established within the rental agreement.

Do I have to clean the hoist?

We understand the hoist is used on a construction site and will become dirty. However, excessive concrete splatter, blowouts, and dumping of concrete must be cleared off. UHEI at the end of the hoist rental contract, and upon receiving the equipment at our yard, will generate an invoice of what it will cost to return the equipment to rentable condition. It will be deducted from the Non-Refundable Deposit.

Do I have to do any maintenance on the hoist?

The General Contractor 

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Here at United Hoist, we provide construction hoist rental services that can meet the needs of various every construction job site. Our equipment are in compliance with the ANSI and OSHA requirements, thus, making sure that we offer the best solution for low rise, medium, and high rise construction projects.

Our team can help you prevent problems, therefore minimizing downtime, and providing class safety performance. Call us today for more information!


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