Top Reasons to Upgrade Construction Hoists and Lifts

Jul 22, 2021Construction Equipment Safety, Construction Industry, Construction News

Heavy equipment and machinery such as hoists and lifts are construction site staples in projects. They are essential assets to construction companies. Due to heavy-weight tasks, these pieces of equipment and machinery won’t last forever. However, you can make them last longer if you maintain them properly.


Although keep in mind that prolonging an equipment’s life does not mean pushing it to the end of the line. Accidents can happen if heavy equipment like construction hoists or cranes malfunctions on the job. It will not only be dangerous to the operators but also to all the other construction workers in the vicinity.


Why Do You Need to Upgrade Construction Equipment Like Hoists and Lifts?

Upgrade Construction Equipment Like Hoists and Lifts

Construction is a business and investing in things that matter goes a long way. Again, heavy equipment like your hoist equipment is an asset to a construction company. The better your tools are the better the project output you can produce.

If you need more specific reasons to upgrade your construction equipment such as hoists and lifts, then here they are:


Improve Project Capacity

Although your old construction hoist equipment can still get the job done, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the old equipment still efficient in the workplace?
  • Does it still make the job easier for the operator and construction workers?
  • Is it still contributing to reaching the expected project capacity?

If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, then it may be time to upgrade your construction equipment. You can do better and complete more projects with the help of newer, more efficient equipment. If you equip your construction company with better machinery, then you can increase your project capacity for the year. 

If you still deem your current equipment as repairable, then it would not hurt to have backup equipment. It just means that you will now have two sets of equipment to use. And if your equipment is no longer safe to operate or if it costs more to maintain and run than what the project is worth– then it is time to invest in a new one.


Get the Latest Construction Technology

Upgrading your construction hoist equipment means gaining access to the latest construction technology. 

It is not a secret that the construction industry is one of the most accident-prone industries out there, and newer construction equipment alone can already help reduce the risks of disasters involving heavy machinery. Imagine having options with advanced safety features.


Improve the Quality of Work

Older hoists and lifts may need some extra steps before you can get it to work. Sure, it gets the job done– but at what cost? If your machines are not working as they should anymore, then it could cause you a project or even some of your employees in worst-case scenarios.

If you upgrade your construction equipment, then they will work the way they are supposed to and get the job done as planned.


Do It for Cost-Effectiveness

You may be thinking that the whole point of keeping and repairing your old machine is to save money. However, buying new equipment is more cost-effective in the long run. 

By upgrading your equipment, you are investing in machinery that will work without the extra maintenance steps that you need to do for an older model. May it be hoists or lifts, or other machinery, new sets of equipment will effortlessly operate at their best with no added effort.

Since your new machinery does not need extra steps to work, you can reduce the maintenance budget and costs.


Improve Worker Safety

Worker Safety

Older hoist equipment or construction lifts can break down or fall apart on the job and cause accidents on site. Upgrading your equipment means improving safety features which means you are providing your operators and construction workers more safety on the job.

Not only are you investing in your business for more projects, but you are also investing in your people’s safety. There are already many hazardous items and areas on a construction site, and upgrading your hoists and lifts or other equipment means one less thing to worry about. But of course, with new equipment comes new responsibilities, make sure to conduct proper equipment training as well.


Overall, It May Be Said

That your equipment is one of your greatest assets in the industry. Although they are built to last– you cannot make them last forever. Attempting to do so may result in inefficiency on the job with extra effort and no returns.

If upgrading your hoists or lifts, and other construction equipment is not something you can do right now, you have the option to rent them instead. You can rent your hoist equipment from a reliable provider like United Hoist so you can use duty-efficient machines such as hoists and lifts without breaking the bank.

The bottom line is: Do not use old equipment to the end of its line. Upgrade when you can or rent if you prefer. Better hoists and lifts equipment means better quality of work.

United Hoist has been excellent to work with from the initial pricing phase throughout on site operation.  They have met all the dates needed on site to erect the hoist and have continued to service as scheduled/needed.  Our estimating, management and field staff have been pleased with United Hoist on our projects.

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