Troubleshooting Common Construction Hoist Problems

Nov 14, 2022Construction Equipment Safety, Construction Hoists

If you work in construction, chances are you’ve come across a problem withIn this blog post, we’ll look at some common problems with construction hoists and how to troubleshoot them. With a little knowledge and effort, you can keep your construction hoist running smoothly and avoid costly downtime. a construction hoist. 

Troubleshooting Common Problems with Construction Hoist

Here are some of the most common issues with construction hoists:

A Construction Hoist Stopped Due to a Power Outage or Blown Fuse


When your rented hoist suddenly stops, it may be due to a power outage or a blown fuse. The hoist operator should first check the power supply to see if there is power at the hoist motor control center. If the hoist motor control center is not getting power, check the circuit breakers and fuses. If the hoist motor control center is getting power, but the hoist will not operate, then the hoist operator should check the hoist limit switches. If the hoist limit switches are not operating correctly, they may need to be adjusted or replaced.


Doesn’t Start When You Press the Button


If the rental construction hoist doesn’t start when you press the button, check to see if the safety key is inserted correctly. If it doesn’t start, check the following: 


  • Is the hoist plugged in? 
  • Is it turned on? 
  • Is it in a neutral state? 
  • Is the hoist’s emergency stop button pressed? 
  • Is the hoist safety key inserted correctly? 


If you’ve checked all of these things and the hoist still doesn’t work, please contact a qualified technician to address the issue right away..


A Hoist Starts Moving on Its Own


If it starts moving on its own, it could be because of loose chains or ropes. This is a serious safety hazard, as the hoist could collide with other equipment or fall off the side of the building immediately secure the chains or ropes and notify your supervisor. Do not attempt to use the hoisting equipment until it has been inspected by a qualified technician.


Making Strange Noises

Making Strange Noises

If you’re noticing strange noises coming from your hoist, there could be a few different reasons why. One possibility is that some of the parts are starting to wear out and need to be replaced. Another possibility is that the hoist needs to be properly lubricated. If you’re not sure what the issue is, it’s best to call a professional hoist technician to take a look. They’ll be able to diagnose the problem and recommend the best course of action. In either case, it’s important to get the issue fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the hoist.


Not Moving as Fast as It Should


If the hoist seems to be moving slower than usual, it could be because of a build-up of dirt and debris in the gears. Clean out the gears with a brush or other tool to get rid of any obstructions. In addition, be sure to check the hoist for any other damage or wear and tear that may need to be repaired. By keeping the hoist well-maintained, you can help ensure that it operates safely and efficiently.


Dependable Construction Hoist Rentals – United Hoists


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